Strengthening sales leaders with effective strategies and technology to optimise sales force enablement


The dynamic surroundings being observed by sales organizations is summarised by the size of complexness, collaboration, and accountability. Responding effectively to the current dynamics needs a spotlight on specific leadership activities by senior sales leaders, field sales managers, and salespeople. A sales leadership framework is bestowed to find out and discuss specific leadership challenges and necessary analysis along with queries at different levels of sales organization. The idea here is to acquire directions for sales leadership and analyse ways to boost sales leadership. As leaders, now is the time to identify and maximise the opportunities available in market.

Woven into the agenda are topics like Artificial Intelligence, Digital Sales Transformation, Team Building, Sales methodology and others that cover the future of sales management which will lead to building a multi-generational customer base.

The 2nd Annual Sales Leadership Asia Summit & Awards 2020 is a modern expertise for sales leaders. We accredit business executives are served best once they have a chance to share their experience with their peers. Hence, there is a need for delivering the best content and speakers for a two-day conference to share the foremost effective practices in sales to accelerate business growth which can increase the ROI (Return of Investment) of the organisation.

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  • Opportunity to nominate for the awards and deserving entries to get recognized for their work
  • Meeting stalwarts from the sales industry
  • Learning about newest sales strategies
  • Being introduced to current sales products that make business easy
  • An opportunity to broaden your horizon of solving problems
  • Recognizing the changes and finding out how experts are handling it
  • Interactive discussion sessions to give you an opportunity to present your views, opinions or questions



  • Why agile sales is the key to successful sales strategy in the new disruptive landscape
  • Perspectives on how technology is changing selling and sales force management
  • Interactive Interview: Sales in start-ups & corporates
  • Sales excellence for strategy implementation to manage a high-performance sales team
  • The importance of qualifying sales leads in real time using sales analytics
  • Perspectives on fostering effective negotiation skills in sales and the evolving nature of sales training
  • Tactical Prospecting - How to maximize the four essential factors of successful prospecting
  • How often should you reward your sales force? Multi-period incentives and effort dynamics



Leaders who are responsible for developing sales strategy, sales procedures, achieving sales targets and revenue goals. Leaders who are directly or indirectly responsible for delivering high sales volumes in competitive markets.

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